Client from July 2013

Stacy was amazing. She came in like a dynamo and cleared out clutter I didn’t even know I had!!!!! I would use her anytime for anything.

Client from November 2013

Best investment I made this year, fun, fast and furious, Stacy had my closets transformed.

Client from November 2013

With speed and efficiency, Stacy zeroed in and organized years of accumulated “stuff.” Her gentle, yet knowledgable nature, made it easy to donate , sell, or give away things that had served their purpose.

Client from January and August 2013

I was so reluctant to hire Stacy, or anyone for that matter. I had always intended to get around to all these jobs myself, how hard can it be right? Well, it turns out that those weeks/months/years of mounting unfinished ‘projects’ becomes such an overwhelming task that short of giving up everything and dedicating the next 6 months of my life to solely focus on getting through them (highly unlikely), I knew it was time to seek help.
Stacy stepped in and both gently and firmly proceeded at amazing speed to get things in order, unearthing a few long lost treasures in the process! She found a system that works for me, taking into account my habits and lifestyle, and set me up so that I could easily maintain it.
I can’t tell you just how valuable this process has been for me and my family or how I would have managed it without her. Stacy is now my bi-annual gift to myself (and therefore my loved ones) and the peace of mind is worth every penny.

Client from October 2013

Stacy you are a powerhouse, a whirlwind, and quite frankly you put the energizer bunny to shame. You are so efficient with the time you are working…whether it be a string of long days or short bits of time here and there. I love the fact that you work with a client despite the constraints of their life…such as in between shuttling kids to school, lessons, etc. You give small, manageable amounts of homework to be done buy the next visit. You are gentle and empowering with the kids to purge their things. You are tough on the adults, but you only push to make a decision of what to do w/the stuff and what you want more…organization or stuff. you also understand when some things just can’t leave home. You give old objects new life and purpose, as well as know all types of great products that make life and organization easier and they are affordable. I love that you load up your car and mine, let me choose the charity and off the stuff goes. If I can’t do it, you drive it. You even save my tax receipts. Gotta love MY FRIEND STACY . I am so grateful for you help!!! It keeps me motivated to keep going…despite major lack of time.

Client from September 2013

So I was getting ready to move houses and I thought before I move, I need to Purge. I called “my friend stacy” and she came over and helped weed through closets and drawers. The first time she came over, she helped me get rid of 20 large bags of stuff I no longer needed. Here’s the best part, we did not throw stuff away, no, Stacy took it all with her and brought it over to the charity shop. Once my drawers and closets were thinned out, Stacy helped me to organize what remained. By the time she left my house, it was if a huge boulder had been lifted off of my chest. Of course I used her again and it made my move a lot easier. I highly recommend using “my friend Stacy” She has a gift and now I have the gift of knowing exactly where things are in my house.

Client from September 2013

“Ok so my closets and Jack’s room looks AMAZING!  Holy smokes! My Friend Stacy rocks. I cannot thank you enough and I can’t wait to get you back in. “


Ah, the dumping ground that is most people’s garages… only a few of which can fit the actual cars that they were intended to house.  For this project… it had be dumped in for over 8 years, ignored, and mostly forgotten.  In the process of making it usable space again, spiders and mice were removed having found homes in clothing, bedding,  and an old mattress.  

Gym equipment, camping gear, and toys are being used again and room for an automobile!
Barn and Chicken Coop

The house needed to be emptied of most everything so looters did not find it worthy.  They also wanted to be able to rent it out. NE, farm house on a 400 acre working farm.

Chicken coop needed to be emptied to use to store farm equipment etc updated.