My name is Stacy Santos; I am the founder and owner of My Friend Stacy.

I have an endless passion for organizing, sorting, cleaning, and helping others gain control of their space(s). I find organization freeing and therapeutic. I was a Navy brat and moved over 15 times with my family and then had a career where I traveled all over the World. I’ve always had to have a place for everything that was important and useful to me. But that’s just me, all of us have different strengths and weaknesses.

I am non-judgmental, discreet, patient and understanding.

I just want to help you enjoy your space more.  We all need help with something at one time or another.  I’m very hard working and truly love what I do.

While you may view the chaos of your garage, basement, name-the-space as a reason to close the door, I see it as an invigorating challenge.

I really enjoy helping others get a fresh, spatial start.  This might mean clearing things out or just organizing what you have in a different configuration or a combination of both.  I have a lot of energy and I’m hands on.  I do not subcontract this work; I personally will get the job done for you.  I take delight in the experience of reworking a space and look forward to the challenge each client’s needs present.

My goal is to get your surroundings organized in the shortest amount of time possible with as little or as much of your involvement as you wish.

It is beneficial for you to be present during the sorting sessions because I will need to know what you want to keep and what you want to part with.  Once you approve of what goes and what stays and the overall concept of how your space will be reconfigured, I can work on my own or we can work on the project together – whatever works for you to make your space actually functional for you.