Here is what I do:

Clean out, sort through and organize just about anything you call your space; home, garage, shed, barn, whatever, you name it, I’ll organize it.

No project is “too dirty or scary” for me. See my past projects. Remove excess clutter (most items will not leave in the garbage. Most will find a new and useful life through a charity that will welcome them as a blessing.)

Sort it

Sort, arrange and clean all spaces Organize, and create manageable storage systems for papers and photos that you can maintain long after I’m gone. For items you keep, I find places where you will use and enjoy it or I’ll create a system where you can store keepsakes and other items in an organized, accessible way.

Donate it

Many of my clients will find a significant amount of items to donate to non-profit organizations. I will make arrangements and obtain a donation receipt for tax purposes from the charities for you. See Helpful Hints for a list of organizations that I work with regularly. Or, if you don’t want to donate your excess, then we can explore options for you.


Your entire household may be moving or you may be sending a child off to college. Regardless, moving is stressful but Stacy can help you make it less so. Let’s get organized first. Don’t waste money-moving items you don’t use or won’t need. I will work to down size and de-clutter your home before or during the process of packing up. Then I’ll come to your new house and help set it up in a way it makes sense.


Our initial, on-site consultation is complimentary. During this meeting we will assess your space, your goals to maximize its utility and address your questions about the project. If you think I’m a good fit for your needs, I will provide you with a project estimate and we will work out a schedule that works for you. With your permission, I will take pictures of the space for possible use on my website. Thereafter I charge $125.00 per hour.

I will be kind and respectful of you and your belongings throughout the process and I view our dealings as confidential. I see sensitive, personal information on a regular basis—financial records, client files, emails, and drawer contents, etc. Your business is private. I do not share my client list with anyone.

Moving a Student to College

Are you having trouble emptying your nest?   Let Stacy pack your scholar off to school.  

Ready to take back lost space in your home?